Protect Your Tobacco, E-Vapor & Alcohol Sales

With a proven compliance solution

The Total Compliance Package

FDA-recommended elements for Retailer Training Program included in our service

Train & Verify Program Pricing Details

$49.95 per store for 1 alcohol, tobacco or e-vapor compliance check visit
per month
$76.95 per store for 2 alcohol, tobacco or e-vapor compliance check visits
per month
Package also includes Employee Training & Store Signage
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  • Five licenses for Tobacco/E-Vapor Employee Online Training Sessions per store per year. Add $1.33 for each additional employee per store.
  • One license for Tobacco/E-Vapor Manager Training (online) session per store per year.
  • Training & Signage Tool Kit Includes
    • Train & Verify Compliance Checklist
    • We Card Calendar
    • Two Age of Purchase Stickers
    • Two Window/Door Decals
    • Two Employee Guides and Tipsheets
Online training for 5 employees
Online training for 5 employees
We Card's award-winning interactive eLearning Employee Training Course Learn More

Complete Tobacco and e-Vapor employee training with FDA content as outlined in the FDA's Draft Guidance for Tobacco Retailer Training Programs.

Receive reports on your employee(s) training performance.

Plus We Card's Refresher Training Course and Manager Training Course.

If you have more than 5 employees, simply add more employees to your account.

Monthly mystery shopping
Monthly mystery shopping
Tobacco - E-Vapor - Alcohol sales Learn More

Each month, a 21-25 year old person will visit your store(s) to spot-check your employee's carding behavior.

Does your employee ask for the customer's ID prior to quoting a price for a Tobacco, E-Vapor or Alcohol product sale?

Receive comprehensive reports on your employee(s) performance and improvement.

We Card and Train & Verify Signage
Training & Signage Tool Kit
Compliance checklist, calendar, decals and more. Learn More
We Card Kit
Training & Signage Tool Kit includes

Train & Verify Compliance Checklist
A management tool for store managers.

We Card Calendar
Provides the "Born After This Date? NO TOBACCO" date for every day of the year. Cashiers use it for comparing a customers ID to determine whether to legally sell or properly deny a sale to the customer.

Two Age of Purchase Stickers
Displays the last birth year a customers ID must show in order to legally buy tobacco. If the customer was born after the current day of the year shown on the sticker, no tobacco sale should be made.

Two Window/Door Decals
Alerts customers to "Please Have ID Ready."

Two Employee Guides and Tipsheets
For spotting fake IDs and handling adult purchases for minors.

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