Why Train & Verify?

Protect your tobacco, e-vapor & alcohol sales with a proven compliance solution

We know training employees on how to check customer IDs, handle confrontational situations and reject underage tobacco, e-vapor or alcohol purchase attempts works.

Numerous government sources from the CDC, HHS to the Food & Drug Administration, all recommend training to ensure that retail employees know what is expected of them and are properly trained. In fact, the FDA offers a lessened penalty structure to retailers who have trained their employees.

Once trained, employees will usually follow through. But you can never know for sure.

That is why we created Train & Verify — a one-stop solution built around two important training components to ensure your employees are doing what they are supposed to do.

Step 1 Train: Award-winning online training that works.

Step 2 Verify: Mystery shopping to improve employee carding behavior.

It's that simple. A high-end, award-winning online training program that meets all FDA compliance guidelines for your employees, followed up by our proven mystery shopping system. Mystery shopping is known to improve employee carding of those who look underage. It ensures your employees are actually asking for IDs from customers who are under the age of 27.

This powerful combination works.

Following the Train & Verify process completes the training and enactment cycle. You'll have the benefit of knowing that your employees are doing what they should be doing - checking IDs and rejecting the tobacco, e-vapor and alcohol sales attempts of underage shoppers.

Your monthly Train & Verify subscription helps protect your store against stiff fines, penalties and potential loss of your ability to sell tobacco, e-vapor and alcohol products.

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